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Today is June 26, 2016
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Hall of Fame Inductee Classes



Bob Bodington

Tony Rowe

Paul Ryiz

Stanley and Ted Pisk



Tim Gavronski

Tony Kelley

Jim Orsi



Bill Fox

Tom Gleeton

Jack McConachie



Ron Beck

Fran Marrello

Vic Svenberg



Jimmy Nichols

John Nowobilski



Henry Bontempo

Walter "Wally" Chicon

Donald F. Gliha

Joel  Smith



Edward "Eddie" Burke

Doug Dalziel

Frank Kringle

John McGoldrick



Don Hoenig

Harry Nettelbladt

Captain C.H. Perkins



Dennis Coscina

Ralph DeNicolo

Bob Kay

Walter Lowell

Gary Reynolds

Frank Selva

Stan Staszowski

Dick Stranahan


2016 PGA Hall of Fame and Champions Tribute


The third-annual Connecticut PGA Hall of Fame Induction and Champions Tribute will be held held on Monday, November 28, 2016, at Lake of Isles. This awards evening will include the induction of a new class into the Hall of Fame, the winners of the 2016 PGA Member Championship events will be presented with their trophies, as well as honoring the Player of the Year, Senior Player of the Year, and the winner of the President’s Award.



The 2015 Hall of Fame Induction & Champions Tribute was Presented by: 




and Supported by:





The 2016 Class of Inductees:



BOB BODINGTON (posthumously)

Bob Bodington was a member of The PGA of America for 64 years. He was the head professional at the Country Club of Farmington and Hartford Golf Club for many years, was a member of the Board of Directors, and served one term as President in 1967-68. Bodington died in 2014 in Juno Beach, Florida.



Tony Rowe has been serving as Head Golf Professional at Ellington Ridge Country Club for 30 years. Rowe, a PGA Member since 1982 was extremely active in the governance of the Connecticut Section PGA serving on the Board of Directors for many years culminating as President 1997-98.  He was the recipient of the Bill Strausbaugh Award in 2009, the Horton Smith Award in 1994, the Private Merchandiser of the Year Award in 1990, and was honored as the Golf Professional of the Year in 1992




Paul Ryiz has been a PGA Member for 37 years and has been the head golf professional at Brownson Country Club for the past 8 years. Ryiz had an impressive playing career, winning 9 Section Player of the Year titles (1980-82, 1984-89).




For the first time, this unique honor will be awarded to Stanley and Ted Pisk. Both were head professionals at Stanley Golf Course; Stan for 20 years until his early death in 1961, and his son, for more than 30 years. While stationed in Europe as a member of the Second Infantry Division, 38th Field Artillery, the elder Pisk established a relationship with the people in Pilzen, Czechoslovakia. His son has maintained this relationship through their gift of Czech Crystal by establishing the annual Rotary Stan Pisk Memorial High School Tournament and Scholarship program. Elected to PGA Membership in 1968, Pisk remains active as the section historian by writing the monthly Section Notes for PGA Magazine.



The 2015 Class of Inductees:


Tim Gavronski

Tim Gavronski is a PGA Quarter Century Member, and is in his 14th season as Head Golf Professional at Shuttle Meadow Country Club, having previously spent 13 seasons as Head Golf Professional at the Black Hall Club. A major proponent of the Section and participant in its governance, Gavronski has served on nearly every Committee in the Connecticut Section. From 2001 - 2002, Gavronski served as President of the Section's Board of Directors. Gavronski was named the 1998 Connecticut Section PGA Professional of the Year, and is one of the most decorated award winners in the section, having been honored with Teacher of the Year (1995), the Bill Strausbaugh Award (1999 and 2011), the Horton Smith recipient (1995), the Youth Player Developer (2009), the Merchandiser of the Year (2000), and the President’s Award (2005) for his efforts to raise money for the Connecticut Section PGA Golf Foundation. Gavronski has singularly raised over $72,000 for the Foundation and junior golf through his annual golf marathon efforts.  Gavronski has also participated in two Travelers Championships, in 1995 and 1999.



Tony Kelley

Tony Kelley has been serving for 30 years as Head Golf Professional at Wyckoff Country Club in Holyoke, Mass. He also has an impressive playing career, winning several premier golf championships, including five (5) Connecticut PGA Championships (1988, 1989, 1996, 2000 and 2012), the 2014 Senior Connecticut PGA Championship, is a 3-time Section Player of the Year (1999, 2000 and 2009), and a 2-time Senior Section Player of the Year (2009 and 2013). Kelley has also captured the Connecticut PGA Professional Championship twice (1998 and 2005), and also participated in eight (8) Travelers Championships (1989, 1990, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001 and 2009). Kelley is a PGA Quarter Century member, and ranks tied for fourth all-time with nine (9) Section individual professional championship titles.






Jim Orsi

Jim Orsi spent 33 years as golf professional at New London Country Club (now Great Neck Country Club) from 1955-1988.  Orsi got his start as a caddy at Shennecossett Golf Course and progressed to the rank of Assistant Professional under the legendary Del Kinney. Orsi followed Kinney to New London Country Club, and in 1955 Orsi became the youngest Head Golf Professional in the Connecticut Section at the age of 26. He is a Half Century PGA Member, having earned PGA Class A Membership in 1955, and was the 1969 Connecticut Section PGA Professional of the Year. Orsi served as the Secretary of the Connecticut Section PGA from 1962 to 1971 and wrote for the PGA Magazine from 1967 to 1970. During World War Two, Orsi served for the U.S. Army for three years, including a 16 month tour of Italy as part of the 115th Military Police Organization.