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Today is December 5, 2016
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Conn. PGA Junior Golf Association

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PGA Junior Golf TOUR

13 Tournaments for 10-18 year old Boys and Girls in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts

The Connecticut Section PGA Junior Golf TOUR (JGT) schedule consists of 12 tournaments, and includes nine (9) 9 & 18-hole Stroke Play events and four (4) 36-hole Stroke Play events. Boys and Girls, ages 10 to 18, who are PGA Junior Golf Association members and who ACTIVATED their memberships are eligible to enter these tournaments.




The entry fee for the 13-18 age group players who play 18 holes is $65; and $45 for 10-12 age group players who play 9 holes. The entry fee for the Ranked-open 36-hole tournaments is $125 for JGA Members and $240 for non-members. There is no requirement to play in all or a minimum number of tournaments.


Each JGT tournament is conducted within the TOUR Rules and Regulations that are established by the Connecticut Section PGA.


For printable schedule, click here.



June 14 Glastonbury Hills Junior Open* 9 Hole; 18 Hole  Glastonbury Hills C.C.
June 18-19 Hartford Women's Open   Goodwin Park & Keney Park GC
June 22-23 Ryan Lee Memorial Junior Open+s (Age 13 & Up only)  Timberlin G.C.
June 27-28 41st Connecticut Junior PGA Championship+s  The Course at Yale
June 30 Fairview Farm Junior Classic* 9 Hole; 18 Hole  Fairview Farm G.C.
July 6-7 Cas Coscina Junior Invitational+s (Age 13 & Up only)  Stanley G.C.
July 18-19 Don Miklus Memorial Junior Open+s (Age 13 & Up only)  Tashua Knolls G.C.
July 26 John D. Wardlaw Memorial Junior Open* 9 Hole; 18 Hole  Indian Hill C.C.
August 3 Keney Park Junior Open* 9 Hole; 18 Hole  Keney Park G.C.
August 8 Crestview Junior Invitational* 9 Hole; 18 Hole  Crestview C.C.
August 9 PGA Pro-Junior Invitationals  Golf Club of Avon
August 15 Ellington Ridge John D. Camera Memorial*  9 Hole; 18 Hole  Ellington Ridge C.C.
 August 17 Ralph DeNicolo Memorial Junior Open* 9 Hole; 18 Hole  Manchester C.C.
August 18 Lyman Orchards Junior Open* 9 Hole; 18 Hole  Lyman Orchards G.C.
August 22 McDermott Junior Invitational* 9 Hole; 18 Hole  Tallwood C.C.
August 23-24

The Bill Sandri Memorial Junior Invitational+s

 (Age 13 & Up only)

 Crumpin-Fox Club (Mass.)

Sept. 4 Jack Kelly Tournament of Championss ( Invitation Only )  Shennecossett G.C.
Sept. 10 The Remy Cups (Invitation Only)  Plymouth C.C.

* Denotes Member Only Events

+ Denotes Ranked Events

s Spectators Permitted







Unless otherwise specified, the TOUR does not allow spectators on the golf course at any time. Spectators may watch from holes within close proximity to the clubhouse (typically the 1st & 10th tees and the 9th & 18th greens).


Any spectator found on the course will be escorted off the course and given a warning. A second offense will result in disqualification of the competitor(s) that the spectator is following. This policy is for the general good of both the player and the game.


This policy is in effect for all Connecticut Section PGA Junior Golf TOUR events, except:

  • Junior Connecticut PGA Championship
  • Pro-Junior
  • 36-hole tournaments
  • Jack Kelly Tournament of Champions
  • The Remy Cup


In events where spectators are allowed, it is the responsibility of the player to make sure that spectators are to remain in the long grass or cart path areas of the golf course. Parents and spectators are not allowed on the teeing ground, fairway areas, or putting green, and are to remain a minimum of thirty yards away from competitors at all times. At no time shall spectators converse with players; any breach of this rule shall result in the spectator being escorted off the golf course.


Connecticut Section PGA Rules Committee